about us


It all started when…

Kevin moved to Boston for graduate school at MIT in August 2009. He was introduced to Christina through her sister, Cara, tasted her homemade guacamole and grilled cheese and was hooked. That lead to a decade of fun and adventure together.

Most of you know Kevin as a thoughtful, playful, bon-vivant, always ready with an obscure cultural reference or a line from “The Office”. Indicative of his deeply inquisitive and creative nature, Kevin studied ring design and then spent over 6 months creating a custom engagement ring. He loves a good Excel formula just as much as making cocktails for friends.

Christina’s a master taskmaster, a dancer, the kindest friend you’ll ever have, and a driven, high-energy force of nature with a giant appetite for life… and pasta, and pizza, and wine. She’s a bit of the yang to Kevin’s yin. She’s a doer when he’s a dreamer. When he hits the snooze button for the 3rd time, she’ll have cappuccino and breakfast ready with half the days to-do list checked off with a vengeance. Where Kevin might sometimes skirt the rules a little, Christina will make up rules to follow piously. But although she’d make a terrible partner in crime, she’s got a punk rock soul.

We also both love mixing things up, as evident in Kevin’s various stages of facial hair and Christina’s ever-changing hair color over the years.